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FedCloudIA Has Achieved FedRAMP Ready Status

Baltimore, MD - June 5, 2023

Introduced in 2022, Baltimore based FedCloudIA introduced a solution to the federal government providing cloud-based solutions for physical security. In May of this year, FedCloudIA achieved the FedRAMP Ready status and is now listed on the FedRAMP marketplace.

FedCloudIA’s software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) authorization boundary may be extended to a client’s office locations. Encompassing an ecosystem of FedCloudIA approved vendor applications, an agency could consolidate all the physical security components, ranging from access control systems, video surveillance systems, and intrusion detections systems into a single ATO. The SaaS, and PaaS model allows agencies flexibility in how the physical security program is deployed.

Ben Globus, CTO of FedCloudIA states, “We started FedCloudIA to be a bridge to innovation for the physical security industry. Building a flexible cloud environment that supports the participating vendors and establishes a framework whereby they can install their COTS software, enabling them to provide services in a compliant fashion to the government. All while continuing to use their existing channels and participating dealers. FedCloudIA is like the cell tower. We are the highway that allows for a compliant vendor and their installer base to provide cloud services and innovate in physical security operations for the federal, state, and local markets.”

A cornerstone in the FedCloudIA ethos is non-exclusivity. By not requiring participating vendors to be exclusive, FedCloudIA promotes the idea of free and open competition. This is enforced further by the process of selling through integrators. Allowing for existing relationships to be maintained and new ones to be developed.

To learn more about deployments, how FedRAMP and physical security can work together, or how to become a FedCloudIA approved vendor please contact FedCloudIA at


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